Government Agency loan amortization plan: online calculation


How to calculate the Government Agency loan amortization plan? The evaluation of the financing opportunities passes from the calculation of the loan, so as to understand if the installment is sustainable and if it is a convenient proposal. Social Institute provides you with all the tools to develop a personalized refund project.

Calculating ex Government Agency Social Institute loans: how to do it online in a few steps

Calculating ex Government Agency Social Institute loans: how to do it online in a few steps

The Government Agency loan amortization plan refers to two loans formerly Government Agency Social Institute: the Small loan and the Multi-year direct loan. Both are provided by the National Social Security Institute. The Government Agency was in fact absorbed by Social Institute which has the management of public employees.

As for the calculation, this is done using the tools implemented on the official portal of the Institute, which responds to the web address Social Institute. Let’s see in detail the path to follow to know the characteristics of the refund.

After reaching the homepage of the Social Institute site, you will have to type the term ” simulation ” on the search box, as you can see in the image below.

Once the research has started, various results will be provided, the one of your interest is called: ” Simulation of small loans or multi-year loans “. It is a page that contains general information on the calculation of the loan. To do this, you will need to click on the “Access the service” button.

How to do the calculation, all the options

How to do the calculation, all the options

Once you have reached the online calculation service, you will have an interface in front of you with a column on the left where the three types of simulation are listed. The basic one is the loan simulation: you can simply enter the date of birth and the net salary.

In the other two simulations you will add the ideal installment or the sum requested. After entering all the required data and starting the online calculation, you will be provided with a table with the main information related to the repayment plan.

For example, you will be able to know the loan installment, the maximum and minimum achievable amount, the rate, the costs and the various duration options.